Our Illustrators

Denis Proulx

Denis Proulx is an experienced Cartoonist Illustrator. His work includes 
Product Illustrations, Advertising Illustrations, Children’s Book Illustrations, Logo Design, T-Shirt design, and much more. He has over 15 years of experience and several hundred books illustrated and published.¬†

Barbara B. Belton

As a child growing up in New York, Barbara sincerely appreciated books. Her favorite genres were nursery rhymes, fairy tales, and teenage mysteries. Her childhood supplied her with a creative imagination and a fascination to tell stories that were shared among her family and friends. Now she prefers how-to-do books, novels, and fairy tales.

She believes that children are precious little people with a yearning to learn almost everything they encounter. As a former teacher she discovered that providing children with positive guidance, building confidence and reiterating respect inspires the reciprocation of the care shown to them.

She enjoys giving children an imaginary outlet through her books of memorable characters that demonstrates the importance of caring. She also encourages children to read daily as it furnishes knowledge to the mind of the achiever.


Mike Motz

In the twenty-five years since that time I’ve held positions in the advertising departments of some of Canada’s largest and oldest companies. In 1996, I saw the power of the internet and it thrilled me. Not only could an artist create artwork for people to view on a regional scale but also on a global scale, and within minutes of the artist creating it… and it could be interactive.

Around that time, and by a wonderfully opportune coincidence, a man who had viewed the artwork on my website phoned me and asked me if I would consider illustrating a children’s book that he had written… and I said, “Would I ever!”

So it began that a kid that had always dreamed of illustrating children’s books is now a man that helps writers the world over fulfill their dreams of publishing them. To date, I’ve been responsible for the creation of 242 children’s books for children’s book authors, and many of those authors are repeat customers.