About Us

Our mission is to provide children with educational and emotional tools they need to succeed in school, overcome challenges, and to live with hope and courage. We believe it’s important for children to read these stories and learn how to advocate for themselves. You can use our books to teach children how to spell, count, match colors with fruits, and address difficult topics such as bullying and childhood cancer.

Foxey World Publishing is a small, black-owned, children’s book publishing company based in Washington, DC. Founded by Rick Daniels in 2021, the name Foxey World goes back to 1968, when Rick decided that would be the name for his shirt manufacturing company. Foxey came from his wife’s last name, Fox. Rick held onto the trademark name until he decided it was time to use it again.

Foxey World founder and author, Rick Daniels, has been featured on Harris’ Heroes, Fox 5, and The Washington Post. Rick Daniels and Barbara B. Belton are the only two authors in the company’s listing right now. Barbara B. Belton, Denis Proulx, and Mike Motz are Foxey World’s illustrators. We are looking to add new authors and illustrators as the company grows.

Determining Whether Your Work Is a Fit for Our List

If you are interested in working with Foxey World Publishing, it is best to start by familiarizing yourself with our books. You may request a copy of our catalog or review our titles online. We also recommend that you check out our books at your local library or bookstore to get a feel for our tone and style.

Submission Guidelines for Educator Resources
We Are Looking for Strong Proposals in the Following Categories:

Bullying Prevention and Conflict Resolution
Picture books and books for kids and teens, and resources for teachers, counselors, and other educators, to help young people understand, prevent, and respond to bullying incidents. We will also consider fiction for kids and teens that relates to these topics.

Gifted and Special Education
Books on academic, social, and emotional development for young people of all ages with diverse learning needs, including gifted students and students with learning differences, ADHD, behavioral difficulties, or autism spectrum disorders.

Early Childhood Education 
Board books for infants to age 4, picture books, or novels that focus on social skills and getting along, early learning, character education, self-esteem, and other topics related to positive early childhood development. We will also consider fiction that relates directly to these areas of focus.